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What can i use to kill fleas on my cat

I have 3 cats and 2 of them have fleas. Can i use a flea comb on both of them? I do not want to use flea shampoos. I want to put the comb on them and let it sit for a while and let the fleas come out and kill them. Also, I want to use a flea comb on the cat that has fleas on her.


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I have read that you can use a flea comb on cats because they don't have as much fur. I have tried many things and they don't work and then the fleas come back. I have tried flea shampoos but that does not work either and then the fleas come back. I have heard that you can use the pest control company called Simple Home from Petco. They have a book and a web site. If you can find it I think it is called "Simple Home Flea Control Kit". It says that you put a teaspoon of the product in the bathtub and then you just leave it in the tub for 24 hours. I have also heard that you can use Borax on the cats and then also use Simple Home. I would also add that you have to wash their hair twice a week with a shampoo that kills all the fleas on them. I will let you know how it goes. I hope that this helps. Good Luck.

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