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What can you put on a cat's wound


Anything, but not cotton.


Cotton is too fluffy, and it can irritate the wound.

How do you get rid of fleas?

Kill them.

Kill them how?

In your house.


With a flea bomb.

What is a flea bomb?

A flea bomb is a small box with a small trigger that shoots flea killing chemicals.

How does it work?

It works by putting the chemicals in the air and walking around the house.

How many fleas can you kill at one time?

Thirty thousand.

Can you get more than one bomb?


Because it only kills the fleas that are on the bomb.

Why does it have to have a small trigger?

The trigger has to be small for the chemicals to work.

The chemicals don't work if they don't have enough air.

How do you use a flea bomb?

Walk around the house and release the trigger.

What is the best way to get rid of fleas?

Kill them in your house.

What do you use to kill fleas?

A flea bomb.

How do you make a flea bomb?

Put the chemicals in a box that has a small trigger and put it in the box.

How does the box work?

When you open the box, the chemicals come out and kill the fleas.

How do you use the trigger?

How do you put the chemicals in a box?

You put the chemicals into a box.

How do you get a box with chemicals?

You buy a box with chemicals.

How many types of fleas are there?


How can you tell which flea is on your cat?

You can tell because it has the flea's life cycle on its back.

How do you kill fleas?

What do you do with a flea bomb?

How many fleas are on your cat?


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