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What do cats look like

Cats are small mammals, often called house cats or domestic cats. They are often kept as pets, but many wild cats live in the forests and grasslands of the world. Cats have soft, often furry, and non-retractable claws that allow them to walk on all kinds of surfaces, from wood and carpet to grass and snow. Cat's eyes are very similar to human eyes, though they are often colored blue or green. Cats have a good sense of smell and hearing, and are extremely flexible, capable of turning their bodies in many different directions.

Cats have a flexible spine, allowing them to turn and twist their bodies in unusual ways. This allows them to be very agile and allow them to climb with ease. Their flexible legs and tails also allow them to balance themselves and walk with the greatest of ease.

Cats are covered in fur, which they use to keep warm in winter and cool in summer. Fur also helps to keep cats warm at night by insulating them. Cats have hair growing on many parts of their skin and bodies, including their faces, legs, and tails. Many people do not like the fur on their cats, but this is not to say that they do not have fur – they simply prefer to groom their cats often so that their fur does not get matted or tangled.

Cats come in a variety of colors and patterns. Some are solid colors, while others are striped, spotted, or patterned. Some cats have blotches of a different color, while others have a solid color throughout their body. Some cats have fur that is white or gray, while others have fur that is black, brown, or gray.

Some cats have very small ears, while others have large ears. Some cats have fur on the front and back of their bodies, while others have fur only on their backs. Cats are often mistakenly thought to be all of one color or pattern. However, cats are mostly individuals, and this is the reason they have many colors and patterns.

Cats have tails that are often curved or kinked. They have very long tails, which are used as a balance and to help them balance themselves as they walk. Their tails are often used as a "third leg" for cats that are learning how to walk.

Cats have claws on their feet and on the ends of their tails. These claws allow them to walk on many surfaces, from wood to carpet. They also allow them to grip and climb trees.

How do cats see the world?

Cats see the world through their eyes. They have a very good sense of sight. Cats have a very good sense of smell and can hear sounds that humans cannot hear. Cats have a good sense of touch as well.

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