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What do cats think about their owners

The most popular theory about the cat’s attitude to its owner is that the cat is a traitor. “The cats are the eyes and ears of their owner. The cat knows everything that happens in the house,” explained Frederic Roch, a French biologist and a researcher at the University of Rouen.

Another researcher, Dr. Jacques Bovier, has worked on the cat’s behavior for 40 years. He thinks that the cat is not a traitor, but a loyal creature that can be exploited. “Cats are not very attached to their owners. The cat is a very independent creature,” explains Jacques Bovier.

The cat’s independent character is also observed during a conflict of wills between the animal and the owner. “When a cat is confronted with a problem, it will solve it on its own,” said the French researcher.

The researcher claims that the cat’s attitude to people is quite logical. “Cats are nocturnal creatures. They are not interested in people during the day. They are much more interested in their owners at night.

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