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What do cats think of dogs

According to a new study, cats don't like dogs very much.

The study, published in the journal PLOS ONE, looked at the preferences of domestic cats for interacting with dogs, versus interacting with their own kind (cats).

It found that cats have a strong preference for interacting with their own kind, which is a little surprising.

However, they do prefer interacting with dogs, which makes sense.

"I think cats are social animals and they love to interact with other cats," study author Paul McGreevy said in a press release.

"I think that's why they interact with dogs so well. Dogs are good at being social."

The study looked at the behavior of domestic cats in three different situations: alone, with cats, and in the presence of dogs.

The authors found that cats are over-represented in the domestic cat population, and that cats have the highest preference for interacting with their own kind.

Cats prefer interacting with their own kind

About 85% of the cats that interacted with the researchers showed a preference for interacting with other cats, while only 25% showed a preference for interacting with dogs.

In a second experiment, the researchers found that when cats were in a group, they showed a preference for interacting with their own kind.

This is the opposite of what the researchers expected, because they were looking at cats that were isolated and had the opportunity to interact with dogs.

The study authors suggest that dogs may have a role in cat social behavior, and that cats may be learning to interact with dogs through dog-dog interactions.

However, the cats in the study were all isolated cats and not living in homes with dogs.

It's possible that cats may not have the same preferences in a domestic home environment with dogs, the authors said.

"The idea that dogs may have a role in cat social behavior has not been tested in mixed-species groups," the authors said. "Moreover, it is possible that cats may have learned social behavior from dog-dog interactions."

What do cats think of dogs?

Cats are famously solitary creatures, and prefer to interact only with other cats.

In one study, which examined the effect of dogs on the behavior of cats, it was found that dogs increased the amount of time cats spent interacting with other cats.

However, when the researchers looked at the cats' preferences, they found that dogs did not have a significant effect on the cats' preferences.

In another study, cats were shown videos of dogs and humans, and were then asked to select the video they preferred.

The cats chose the video with dogs much more often than they chose the video with humans.

"We were surprised by this result," the authors said. "We expected that cats would prefer interacting with humans, rather than dogs.

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