All about cats

What do cats think of humans

They think we’re dumb.

— James Baldwin

Even the human race is not all that is created by God.

— Corrie Ten Boom, who was shot and forced to live in a concentration camp, during a sermon

We have an animal’s mind and an animal’s body; but we have a human’s heart.

— Sigmund Freud

What do cats think of when we’re not looking?

The sun rising, the sun setting, and being part of the full moon, being part of the darkness.

I feel nature. I feel the universe.

— Mary Oliver

“How would you feel if you were a plant?” I asked one day.

“I am a plant. I feel the universe.”

I was thinking how much a cat is like a man.

— Mark Twain

What kind of cat would you be?

A wild cat.

A wild cat, who would follow me.

What would you do if you could live in a house on a hill and have the whole world as your garden?

I would be the gardener.

— The Secret Garden

What do you do to relax?

I lay on the floor in my own private space.

I like to think of myself as a piece of furniture.

I sometimes sleep so soundly that I don’t hear

the woodpecker tapping on my roof.

I’m very comfortable in my own skin.

What are your favorite things?

The sun, the stars, a good cat, and a good book.

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