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What do humans look like to cats

I want to give you a glimpse into the world of a typical cat’s view of human beings. Cats see humans as being larger and more powerful than themselves, but they also view humans as being a lot less dangerous than they really are.

Here’s what they see:

Cat’s look at us the same way we look at a very large, very dangerous dog. A large dog is a very dangerous animal, but we don’t feel threatened when we’re around one. They’re too big, too powerful, and they’d rip us to shreds if we messed with them.

But a cat? That’s a different story.

A cat is just as powerful and just as dangerous as a large dog, but we don’t feel threatened when we’re around one.

Now, this is the view that most domestic cats have of us. It’s the same way of thinking that most people have of snakes, spiders, and deadly spiders that have the ability to wrap you up in their sticky webs and trap you to death.

This is the way that most people view cats, and this is the way that most cats view humans.

Why would cats feel threatened by us?

Cats are wild animals, and they know that they’re at the top of the food chain. They know that they’re the most powerful, most dangerous, and most predatory animals on the planet.

But humans aren’t like giant dogs, and we’re not like deadly spiders.

In the wild, most cats would never be able to survive and thrive if they had to fight humans for their food.

That’s not how it works.

In the wild, most cats can kill and eat the animals that they want to kill and eat. They’re not fighting a war with people.

So here’s what that looks like:

Cats view us as being a lot less dangerous than they really are. Because we’re not like deadly spiders or vicious dogs, and we don’t eat them.

But what if a cat sees a human being?

Here’s what it looks like:

A cat sees a human being and they see a person.

A person who has a big head.

A person who can run really fast.

A person who is a lot bigger than them.

A person who is strong and can fight back if they get stuck in a cage or something.

A person who is a lot more powerful than a cat.

A person who scares them.

A person who scares them a lot.

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