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What do i need to own a cat

First, you should give your cat enough time to adjust to its new home. This can take anywhere from one to two weeks.

A typical cat will need about 30 minutes of playtime everyday.

In addition to the playtime, you should allow the kitten to explore its new surroundings.

Your kitten should be allowed to play with the litter box and with toys.

The kitten should also be allowed to explore its new surroundings.

While it is not necessary for you to work with your cat as a kitten, it is important not to discourage your cat from playing.

When can i take my cat out of the house?

You may take your cat outdoors as soon as it is able to walk on its own.

When your cat walks on its own, it is ready to explore the outside world.

Your cat should not be allowed to roam freely until it is at least one year old.

Many cats will not be comfortable outside their home until they are at least 6 months old.

If your cat is not comfortable outdoors, it should be returned to the house.

What should i do if i buy a kitten?

Kittens should be kept indoors and supervised at all times.

Kittens are susceptible to injury and are easily frightened.

Kittens should not be allowed to play with other cats. This can lead to fighting between the cats and can be dangerous.

Kittens should be given a fresh litter box daily.

Kittens should be confined to a small area for the first two weeks of their lives.

Kittens should be taken to the vet for their first checkup and first vaccination.

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