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What does cat throw up look like

It’s not very pretty.

She appeared to be sick with a stomach illness and would go days without eating.

Her condition worsened and she stopped eating entirely.

“My cat was throwing up, but she was eating. I thought maybe it was just a bug,” said her owner, who wishes to remain anonymous. “It just got worse and worse. I took her to the vet.”

The veterinarian suggested she try to force-feed the cat, saying it’s probably a result of a medical condition.

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The cat’s owner tried everything, even offering to pay a nurse to sit with the cat while she’s under during a feeding.

“We’ve done everything we can to try to help her,” the cat’s owner said.

Cat vomited a few times, but the vomiting had stopped by the time she reached the emergency veterinarian on the morning of Dec. 20.

The vet said it looked like a “scoop” of some kind in the cat’s mouth.

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The vet’s initial diagnosis was that the cat had a blockage in her intestines, but she wanted to run some tests just to be sure.

The cat was taken to a second vet and the second vet said she thinks the cat has a “spontaneous event” – basically a medical emergency that just happens without warning.

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The cat was treated with fluids and meds, but her owners said they’re not sure what her next course of action will be.

You can follow the cat’s progress on Facebook.

We’re glad to see her doing better.

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