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What does frostbite look like on a cat

This is a picture I took of a cat that was in a snow storm, and I noticed that one of his paws was frostbitten:

However, because of the color of the paw, I couldn't tell if it was a normal frostbite, or frostbite caused by a burn.

I took another picture of the same cat's paw, and this time I was able to tell it was frostbite:

I took the frostbite paw and cut it open, and I was able to see the blackened flesh and the white flesh underneath:

When you see a cat that has frostbite, you should look at the affected area as soon as possible.

Frostbite can be a fatal condition. If you notice frostbite on a cat, you need to take the cat to a vet right away.

Can you tell which cat this is? I think it is the cat above.

How do you tell if a dog has frostbite?

This is a picture of the dog above, taken after it was rescued from a frozen lake.

I think the dog's back leg is frostbitten.

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