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What happens if you don t trim your cat's nails

A cat's claws are very important for their survival and their ability to climb trees and hunt. Long nails can alter their balance and ability to navigate and are an extension of their body. They are sharp, have a quick release and are designed to hunt.

When you trim your cat's nails, they will naturally hang down to some length, but if you extend them beyond that, they will grow back to a length of 1-2 mm. Their nails will grow back quickly and the quick release will be eliminated, which could cause the cat pain and lead to a breakage of the toe.

When you trim your cat's nails, you are actually shortening the length of the nail. This will not harm the nail, but may cause them to break.

When nails are cut too short, they will grow back at a much faster rate. The quick release will be corrected and the cat will be able to walk on their toes.

Trimming your cat's nails will not harm them in any way and is a great way to keep them comfortable. If your cat has long nails, you can trim them yourself very easily at home.

Watch the video below to see how to trim your cat's nails using a basic cat nail clipper.

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