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What is a cat folder in a car

Cats are very good at hiding their true feelings and even though they may appear to be relaxed and happy when they are in the car, they are actually very agitated and stressed. Cats do not like to be confined in any form and this is why they should be allowed to roam freely around the car as much as possible.

Cats need mental stimulation

Cats are very intelligent and bored cats can become very destructive, especially when they are confined to a car for long periods of time. Cats need mental stimulation to keep their minds occupied and this is why cats love to play with toys and cat toys are great for this purpose.

Cats do not like to be in a car for long

Cats do not like to be in a car for long period of time. Cats are very sensitive to heat and temperature changes. Being confined to a car for long periods of time can make cats feel very uncomfortable and even sick.

Cat products are good for your cat

Cats are very sensitive to their surroundings and they will try to find a way to escape the car. Toys that can be placed in the car will help to keep the cat entertained and this will prevent the cat from finding a way to escape.

Cat box is a good idea

Cats have very sensitive teeth and they will chew on everything they come in contact with, including the car carpet, so it is a good idea to keep a cat box in the car.

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