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What is the year of the cat

Yukihime: It's the year of the cat!

Yuri: The year of the cat?

Yukihime: The year of the cat! [looks at Yuri] The year of the cat! The year of the cat! The year of the cat! [looks at Yuri] The year of the...

Yuri: I'm gonna go ask my dad, he knows more than me. [heads for the door]

Yukihime: [notices Yuri headed for the door] Yuri!

Yuri: [turns back] I was just going to ask my dad.

Yukihime: [hands Yuri a paper] Here, this is what I found out.

Yuri: What is it?

Yukihime: It's a special book that was written when Japan was still more of a feudal country. It talks about how people were more honest, and-

Yuri: I can see that.

Yukihime: So, what is it?

Yuri: It's a love letter to a person that's not me. [laughs]

Yukihime: [smiles] The year of the cat. [laughs]

[Scene: The karaoke bar, day]

[Cut to: In the back of the karaoke bar, where the stools are being wiped down by the bar staff]

Cerberus: [on the phone] Yeah, that's right. [looks at a man on the other end of the line] Hey, I've got a customer here who doesn't want to sing. [turns to the man] Do you want to sing?

Old Man: Can we talk about it somewhere?

Cerberus: [sighs, walks away from the man and places the phone back] I can't. I'm sorry.

Old Man: [walks over to Cerberus] So, do you have any jobs for me?

Cerberus: [looks at Old Man] No.

Old Man: [walks away] I see. Well, I guess I'll go get some coffee.

Cerberus: [stares at Old Man as he leaves] Hey, you're not gonna go back to work, are you?

Old Man: I'm sorry.

Cerberus: I'm sorry.

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