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What kind of oil can i give my cat

There are several types of animal oil that are often recommended for cats, including cod liver oil, fish oil, and lamb's oil. The nature of the oil is the primary factor in determining whether it is a good choice or not, with fish oil being the most common. Cod liver oil is also considered to be beneficial, but fish oil is considered to be the best choice. The oil should be used with caution, so that the cat does not get too much of a fatty diet.

Cod liver oil is recommended for cats with fur problems and for cats that have dry skin. Cod liver oil should be given to a cat once a week, and it should be given with a meal. Fish oil is often recommended for cats that have liver problems, including feline liver cancer. Fish oil can be given to cats once a day, with meals. Lamb's oil is recommended for cats with dry skin, as well as for cats with allergies. Lamb's oil is often used in conjunction with cod liver oil, as it is believed that the combination of the two oils is best for cats.

How to administer cod liver oil

Cats should be given a small amount of cod liver oil each day, so they can receive the benefits of this oil. The oil can be used with a meal, although it is not always recommended. Cats should receive the oil in a dosage that is equal to one-tenth of their body weight, and it should be given with a meal. Some pet food companies have begun to include cod liver oil in their products, although it is important to make sure that the oil is still appropriate for the cat.

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