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What language do cats think in

Proust, in his À la recherche du temps perdu, has made a great work of assaying the thoughts of the animals who entered into his daily life. It is therefore worth noting that he chose to include cats in his observations.

Proust knew that cats are intelligent and he observed them with great care while he was living in Combray. He also knew that they have the ability to think and he was aware that they were able to communicate with humans by means of a language that is quite different from the language that we use.

Proust’s observations on cats were broadened and deepened when he entered into a relationship with a young woman who was also a cat lover. Their relationship lasted for a long time and it is because of this relationship that he became more and more interested in the cats’ point of view.

Proust was the first person to clearly explain that we can communicate with the cats and he was the first person to give us the language that we have to use to communicate with them.

Proust’s Judgments on Cats

Despite the fact that he was a great lover of cats, Proust’s love for cats did not extend to his judgments on them. His love for them was given to them by their intelligence but he was not able to see the animals as individuals.

He did not accept the idea that cats were living beings with rights and their own dignity and he did not think that they were entitled to the respect that we offer to other living beings.

Proust was a great admirer of dogs and he himself loved dogs. He was also the author of some essays on the theme of dogs.

He was even the first person in the world to write a novel on dogs, which was published in 1899.

He was also a great admirer of horses and he wrote a book on horses which was published in 1891.

He wrote a novel on cats, which was published in 1922.

In the latter part of his life, he began to have great admiration for birds and he wrote several essays on birds.

He also wrote a long essay on pigeons which was published in a volume of essays.

His love for cats was not unconditional. They had to be well treated and loved in a dignified manner and he was always very concerned that they were not abused.

One of his friends was a cat lover, the Marquise de Crécy. She herself had two cats, the Moreau and the Blondin. She was very fond of them and she shared her house with them.

Proust was very fond of eating cat food and he loved to have cat biscuits.

He was also fond of cat mousses and other cat foods.

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