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What type of cats are hypoallergenic

There are many different types of cats that are hypoallergenic. You need to carefully assess your own living space and lifestyle to determine whether cats are a good option for you. Some cats are more successful than others in keeping a home free from allergens.

What are the best breeds of hypoallergenic cats?

There are many different types of hypoallergenic cats, but some are more successful than others. Below are some of the cats that are most successful.

Persian Felines (Turkish Angora, Iranian Angora, and Oriental).

Oriental Shorthair.

Russian Blue.

Cats of the Abyssinian breed are also hypoallergenic.

What are the best breeders of hypoallergenic cats?

There are a few breeders that will produce hypoallergenic cats. These breeders include:

Bobbi & John Witham of The Cat Connection

Tom & Donna Meister of Meister Cats

Jack & Irene Paddock of Paddock Cats

Erica & Mike Hille of Hille Cat Breeder

Jim & Phyllis Hall of Hall Cats

What are the best-known hypoallergenic cats?

Persian Felines

Oriental Shorthair

Russian Blue


How many hypoallergenic cats are there?

There are many different hypoallergenic cats. The number of hypoallergenic cats are actually quite small.

How can I tell if a cat is hypoallergenic?

You can identify a hypoallergenic cat by taking a close look at its coat. If the cat has a short, soft coat, it is more likely to be hypoallergenic. If it has a medium-length coat, it is less likely to be hypoallergenic. If it has a long, thick coat, it is unlikely to be hypoallergenic.

Should I try to find a hypoallergenic cat or should I just get a non-allergenic cat?

You should definitely get a hypoallergenic cat. However, you should be wary of adopting an adult cat. Adopting an adult cat is a time-consuming process. You will need to be willing to spend a lot of money and time on the cat, and you will not always be able to determine whether the cat is hypoallergenic before bringing it home.

How should I research a hypoallergenic cat?

You should research the hypoallergenic qualities of the cat you are considering.

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