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What are human foods that cats can eat

Cat owners often wonder if their cats can eat human food. The answer is yes. Cats can eat human foods, but should be supervised as much as possible. Human foods can contain harmful bacteria and viruses that can cause sickness and death.

Is there any food that cats can’t eat?

Cats can eat a variety of food, but they should avoid the following:

raw or under cooked animal products

foods that have not been cooked enough to kill harmful bacteria and viruses

foods that may contain parasites

foods that have been contaminated with toxins

foods that have been contaminated with heavy metals

foods that have been contaminated with pesticides

animal carcasses

What is the main cause of death for cats?

The main cause of death for cats is poisoning. The most common types of poisoning are:

poisoning from household products

poisoning from plants

poisoning from toxic chemicals

poisoning from insecticides

poisoning from rodenticides

poisoning from animal carcasses

poisoning from rat bait

What is a pet first aid kit?

Pet first aid kits are filled with items that will help the owner handle emergency situations.

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