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What can i feed my elderly cat to gain weight

My elderly cat is constantly losing weight, she is now about 4 1/2 pounds. I am afraid she will get sick if she doesn't gain some weight by the time the winter comes. I feed her a high quality dry cat food with no high carbs or carbohydrates. I am currently feeding her Blue Buffalo Wilderness, but i'm running out of it. I really need a suggestion for a good food for her to gain some weight. I can't afford to get her a food with high carbs. Also, she has a sensitive stomach and i am afraid she will greatly dislike any kind of food with high carbs. I was hoping to hear from some pet food expert, so here is her picture. Thanks!


Cat Food For Weight Gain

Here's the best food I have found. It's a natural food, made by a company in South Africa. It's called Natural Balance, and you can get it at Petco. It's not cheap, but it is the best food I have found. I feed my cat Natural Balance, and she is healthy, happy, and loves it. I have a long haired cat, and she won't eat any other food, so I know it's good.


By Luckygal

Blue buffalo is good but it has a lot of grains and I don't think it's good for your cat. I feed my cat to much. I think it's good for cats but not for yours. (15/11/2009)

By katie

I have a cat with a sensitive stomach and I would not feed her another food with grains. I feed her a high quality food with no grain, it's called the Royal Canin and you can find it at Petco or PetSmart. (16/11/2009)

I would suggest going to PetSmart and asking them to recommend a good food for your cat. They have a lot of vets that have worked with cats and I have heard that they have good suggestions. (16/11/2009)

I feed my cat a food called Natural Balance, it's expensive but it is the best food for my cat. I have a long haired cat, and she won't eat any other food, so I know it's good. (16/11/2009)

How many pounds of a cat food do you feed your cat? My cat weighs about 10 pounds. I am feeding her Blue Buffalo Wilderness but it only contains about 8% protein. I think she should be eating closer to 15%.

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