All about cats

What countries eat cats

Not a lot of countries eat cats though some of the more exotic ones like China, Japan and Korea.

Why do cats like to eat meat?

Because cats are carnivores and need meat in their diets.

How many calories does a cat eat?

A cat can eat up to 30 ounces of food per day.

What is the most popular meat for cats?

Meats that cats like include chicken, beef, pork, liver, chicken liver and tuna.

What is a cat's favorite food?

Cats love chicken and fish, turkey and tuna.

Why didn't cats get along with dogs?

The two species can't live together because they are both carnivores, so they don't like the same foods.

Why do cats like tuna?

Tuna is high in protein, which cats need.

How many calories does a cat eat in a day?

Is tuna good for cats?

Yes, tuna is a healthy, high-protein food that is great for cats.

How do cats like to eat?

Cats are known for their ability to hunt down and eat prey and have very sharp teeth.

Why do cats like fish?

Fish is a very good source of protein, which is important for cats to have.

Do cats like tuna?

Why do cats like turkey?

Turkey is a good source of protein, which cats need.

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