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What do feral cats eat

Feral cats will eat whatever they can catch and eat. If they are hungry enough they will catch and eat small livestock such as chickens or mice.

Do feral cats help control rodent populations?

Feral cats may help reduce rodent populations, but they do not have the ability to control them. Rodents are able to survive and reproduce in nearly any environment. Rodents are opportunistic feeders and will eat whenever and wherever they can find food. Feral cats do not hunt or kill rodents so they cannot control rodent populations.

Are feral cats a public health hazard?

No. Feral cats rarely carry diseases.

Are feral cats dangerous to pets?

No. Feral cats are not capable of killing small animals.

What is the legal status of feral cats in the United States?

The Humane Society of the United States considers feral cats to be domesticated.

Can I get rid of feral cats in my community?

You can consider trapping, neutering and releasing feral cats. This is a humane method and the Humane Society of the United States has guidelines on how to do it.

Can feral cats be relocated?

Trapping, neutering and releasing feral cats is the most humane method of controlling feral cat populations. Humane societies and animal shelters can provide you with information on how to do this.

What type of traps should I use when trapping feral cats?

Feral cats are most often trapped with live/kill traps. You should use a cage trap with a door that swings open when the mouse steps in it. You should always place these traps in areas where there are no pets. Feral cats are not aggressive and do not chase pets.

What type of health concerns do feral cats have?

Feral cats are not the same as domestic cats. Feral cats have different needs than domestic cats.

What diseases do feral cats get?

How do I locate stray cats?

You can locate stray cats by looking for "stray" cats on websites such as the Humane Society of the National Capital Area or the Humane Society of the United States. Stray cats are often found at animal shelters. You can also call local animal shelters to find stray cats in your area.

What type of food should feral cats eat?

Feral cats can eat almost anything. They will eat mice, birds, small pets, and small livestock such as chickens.

Why do feral cats kill newborn kittens?

Feral cats kill newborn kittens to eat the kittens.

What is the difference between a feral cat and a stray cat?

A stray cat is an unowned cat that has lost its home and is living on its own.

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