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What do you need for a cat

The most important things to consider when getting a cat are food and litter. You can get most of your cat’s needs from your local pet store. You may have to buy food and litter separately.


How much food do you need?

Most cats can eat up to twice as much food as they will actually need. Feed your cat until she is full, then stop. If your cat eats less than half of the food you buy, reduce it by half.

How often should you feed your cat?

Most cats need to eat every two hours.

What kind of food do you need?

The amount of food your cat needs depends on her age, size, and activity level. Cats are generally carnivores, which means they are designed to eat meat. You can follow these guidelines for the appropriate food for your cat’s age and size.

Newborn and nearly newborn kittens, 1 to 2 pounds: formula

Kittens 2 pounds, 1 year old: canned cat food

Kittens 2 years old: kibble

Kittens 3 years old: dry food

Kittens 4 years old: canned cat food

Adults: dry food

Your cat’s weight depends on her age, size, and activity level, but average weights are as follows:

Kittens and babies: 1-5 pounds

Kittens and puppies: 5-15 pounds

Adults: 20-40 pounds

What kind of litter do you need?

You can use any type of litter for your cat. You can buy a “clumping” litter, which is less messy, or a “non-clumping” litter.

You can use any type of litter for your cat.

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