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What should you feed a cat

According to Dr. Rachael Ray, "Cats are obligate carnivores; they need to eat high quality protein in order to thrive."

Unfortunately, many cat owners don't think about the foods they are buying for their cats. They simply feed them a dry food, which is not necessarily the healthiest choice for your cat.

If you buy dry food, do some research to find out what you are feeding your cat, and what ingredients are in it.

Many companies are trying to make dry cat food more like the wet food that many cat owners prefer.

You might be surprised to find out that your cat is eating some of the same ingredients as the wet food you buy.

They are trying to make cat food more like a "real" food for cats instead of just a "dry" food.

Of course, this is more costly for the pet food manufacturers, so they have to get creative by using ingredients that are "fake."

So, if you want to feed your cat the highest quality food, do your research before you buy a cat food that is advertised as "complete and balanced."

If you don't know what to look for in a cat food, and what ingredients should be in it, you should definitely talk to your veterinarian.

He or she should be able to provide you with the information you need.

This is where the doctor-patient relationship comes into play.

The next time you go to the veterinarian, ask him or her to recommend a cat food that is very high in protein and low in carbohydrates.

If your cat is sick, you should also ask the veterinarian to recommend a specific diet.

This kind of recommendation can also be found on the internet, if you don't want to go to your veterinarian just yet.

Many pet food companies have their own websites where they will provide you with the details of their products.

Just make sure to read over the ingredients before you buy anything.

You should also ask your veterinarian to recommend a product that is lower in carbohydrates, but higher in protein.

This will help your feline friend adhere to a healthy diet, so he or she doesn't get sick.

If you are feeding your cat canned food, you will have to ask your veterinarian what diet is best for your cat.

In most cases, canned cat food is very high in carbohydrates.

This is because it is only a "base" diet, which means that it doesn't contain any meat.

This diet is meant to be supplemented with the canned food.

The manufacturer will give you the recommended amounts of canned food and the amount of canned food you should feed your cat per day.

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