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What cats have blue eyes

The most obvious answer is the domestic cat, because it is the only species that has blue eyes. In fact, the domestic cat is the only species in the world in which blue eyes are found in all colors of the coat. Outside of the domestic cat, the colors of the eyes of wild cats have a wide range, with some being more blue and others more yellow. This is because the color of the iris determines the amount of blue in the eyes. The color of the iris is the same throughout the cat family, with the exception of some members of the litoptern family, which has eyes of a very light turquoise color.

In the wild, some wild cats have blue eyes, but most only have green or yellow eyes. Blue cats are a result of a genetic mutation that is still rare, but can be found in about 1 in 500 cats.

What are the conditions that cause blue eyes?

The most common cause of blue eyes is a mutation in the gene for eye color. This gene is called OCA2. The gene for eye color is on both the X chromosome and the Y chromosome. It is a pair of genes that determine the color of the iris in the eye. When the X chromosome has a mutation, the gene is changed and the eye color is changed. The Y chromosome is the other gene and is responsible for the color of the coat. When the Y chromosome has a mutation, the eye color is changed too. Cats can have mutations that change the color of the coat and eyes at the same time. This condition is called a double-eye mutation. Cats with a blue coat do not necessarily have blue eyes. Many cats with blue eyes also have a blue coat.

One of the most common causes of blue eyes is the mutation in the melanocortin 1 receptor (MC1R) gene. This gene is located on the X chromosome. The MC1R gene is a receptor for a hormone called melanocortin. The MC1R gene is responsible for determining the color of the coat and the color of the eyes. If the MC1R gene is mutated, the coat color is changed in the same way that a double-eye mutation would change the coat color, but the eye color is not changed.

There are also many other mutations that cause blue eyes, but the MC1R gene mutation is the most common.

How do cats see?

Cats have both a pupil and a lens. The pupil is the opening in the center of the eye and the lens is the part that controls the focus of the image on the retina. Cats do not have a tapetum lucidum, which is a reflective layer of tissue behind the retina. This makes it appear that the cats eyes are not convex from the inside, but are a normal convex shape from the outside.

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