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What color can cats see

Cats see a wide range of colors and may see a few more than humans.

Cats have a full spectrum of color vision.

Just because they don't see red, green, and blue like humans, doesn't mean they can't see them.

If you look at a cat's eyes, you'll see their pupils don't completely constrict.

This is the reason why a cat can see the color red and green so well.

Cats mainly see the color blue and yellow.

Cats can see a little bit of red and green, but they can't see the color blue.

Why is blue so important to cats?

One of the reasons cats can see blue and yellow so well is because of the way their eyes are structured.

The pupils of a cat's eyes can easily change shape.

The pupils in a cat's eyes are dilated (expanded) when it is light and contracted (narrowed) when it is dark.

A cat's pupils can be dilated as much as 80% of the time when you look at them.

When a cat's pupils are dilated, it allows them to see in the dark with great clarity.

Why do cats sleep with their eyes open?

Cats sleep, run, and hunt with their eyes wide open.

When a cat sleeps, its eyes are usually closed.

When a cat is awake and alert, its pupils are usually constricted.

This allows cats to see a lot of light and it also lets them see a lot of detail.

When a cat wakes up, it doesn't automatically close its eyes.

Why does a cat blink?

Cats blink their eyes to moisten them.

When a cat blinks, it opens and closes its eyes in the blink of an eye.

Why does a cat's tail go straight up in the air when it's excited?

A cat's tail goes straight up in the air when it's excited.

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