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What cats shed the least

Cats shed the least when they're young. When kittens are kittens, they shed more than usual, but as they grow into adult cats, their shedding becomes less frequent. This is because their bodies are growing and changing, so shedding increases.

The biggest difference between cats and dogs is that dogs shed a lot more. This is because the skin on their bodies is covered with hair.

Cats' short, smooth coats are very effective at preventing the shedding of fur. They don't moult as much, so their hair grows back very quickly.

The fact that cats don't shed as much is why they are ideal pets for people who suffer with allergies.

Cats are also ideal pets for people who have allergies to dogs. The body odour of both cats and dogs is quite different, so people allergic to dogs are not allergic to cats.

Cats and allergies

With the exception of muskrat and the related beaver, there are no other animals that shed as much as cats. What's more, cats shed in the same places as dogs, but not other animals such as rabbits, guinea pigs, hamsters and gerbils.

The most common allergies to cats are to the saliva, dander and fur of the animal.

Cats don't shed as much as dogs, so they are ideal pets for people who suffer with allergies.

Cats and fleas

Dogs have a thick coat that makes them a nightmare to kill, especially fleas. Cats are very susceptible to fleas, but they're also very difficult to get rid of. You can use a flea collar to prevent fleas from infesting your cat, but adult fleas can jump over the collar, so it's not very effective.

Cats are also ideal pets for people who have allergies to dogs.

Fleas are very easy to get rid of, so if you want to get rid of fleas from your pet, get rid of the fleas from your home.

You can also use flea powders for cats. These are available in different forms, but are very effective at tackling fleas.

Cats and worms

Cats can't get roundworms and heartworm from the environment. They can get roundworms and heartworm from the environment, but they can't get roundworms and heartworm from cats.

If you have a cat, and you've recently moved to an area with a higher risk of heartworm and roundworms, you should check your cat's blood for parasites.

If your cat has worms then you should get your vet to check your cats blood for parasites.

Cats and worms are a very serious problem in dogs. There are some treatments you can use, but they aren't as effective on cats.

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