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What does it mean when a cat drools while purring

Cats are often known to purr when they are happy, or when they are content, relaxed, or enjoying a good play session with their owners. Cats purr when they are hungry, when they are in pain, or when they are happy, but these are all different reasons for purring. Some cats will purr when they are trying to communicate with you. It is similar to human crying in that these purring cats are expressing their emotions to their human carer.

What is the best way to stop a cat from purring?

There are different options available for stopping a cat from purring. It can be as simple as switching off the radio or TV if the cat is purring to it. It is best not to disturb the cat when it is eating or sleeping. If the cat is purring in a dangerous situation, then it is best to try to take the cat away from the situation. This can be achieved by getting a cat carrier and taking the cat out of the situation and then returning it to the location when the purring has stopped.

Why does my cat try to clamber up a leg?

Cats like to climb up onto things and so they will often do this when they are trying to get to your head or snuggle up next to you at night. Cats may also do this when they feel insecure or frightened. The easiest way to stop this is to try to get the cat down onto the floor. If you can, then try using a dog bed on the floor. If you cannot do this then it is best to take the cat to a veterinary surgeon.

Why does my cat scratch the furniture and walls?

When your cat scratches the furniture and walls, they are actually marking the areas as their own territory. It is normal for a cat to mark their territory in this way, and cats are in fact quite good at this. The only thing you can do about this is to try and keep the cat away from these areas for short periods.

Why does my cat turn on its back?

This is a common occurrence in some cats when they are unable to find a comfortable position on the floor. It is normal for cats to experience this at times, and you are not doing anything wrong in letting your cat do this. It is best to try and find a comfortable position for you and your cat to sit in so that you can cuddle up with your cat.

Why does my cat keep licking its paws?

Cats lick their paws to help them to keep them clean. They will also do this to help keep their claws sharp. It is not normal for a cat to keep licking its paws for extended periods, and this should be checked by your vet.

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