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What does it mean when your cat drools

Your cat may become dehydrated, so it's important to make sure it's drinking enough fluids. Try to get your cat to drink a lot of water.

You should also monitor your cat's urine and stool output. Make sure they're not too loose, which could indicate that your cat is dehydrated. Also, it's important to make sure your cat's bowel movements are normal.

Causes of drooling in cats

There are many possible causes for a cat to drool, including:


Gastric damage


Irritable bowel syndrome (IBS)


Eating disorders



When a cat is having an episode of diarrhea and vomiting, it may drool. But this could also be the result of stress, so it's best to contact your veterinarian.

Why is my cat drooling?

Your cat may be drooling for a variety of reasons.

Why does my cat drool?

Have your cat examined by your veterinarian if you notice any of the following symptoms:

Your cat's drooling is associated with a cat health concern

Your cat is drooling a lot and is not drinking enough water

Your cat exhibits any signs of dehydration, such as a dry mouth, a dry nose, or a lack of desire to drink

You notice a change in your cat's food intake

Your cat is drooling less than normal

If your cat is drooling a lot and is not drinking enough, it could be an indication of dehydration.

What if your cat is drooling a lot?

You should contact your veterinarian if your cat has a fever and is drooling a lot. Your cat may have a serious illness, such as pancreatitis or IBS.

Your cat may also have an eating disorder. This is when a cat eats a lot, but doesn't have the normal signs of hunger.

How can I stop my cat from drooling?

Your cat may drool because of stress, such as when it has a dental procedure. If this is the case, you can help by providing your cat with a quiet, familiar place to relax.

If you notice any other changes in your cat's behavior, such as if it's not eating, contact your veterinarian.

How can I prevent my cat from drooling?

If you're concerned that your cat may be drooling, talk to your veterinarian.

Your veterinarian can help you determine the cause, and if needed, offer treatment.

You can also provide your cat with a quiet, familiar place to relax.

Keep in mind that it's very normal for cats to drool, so you shouldn't be alarmed.

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Cats drooling when they are happy and relaxed, for example, drooling while being petted, can be normal behavior. Usually, these kitties adopt this behavior early in life, so it would not be typical for an older cat to start drooling suddenly if they hadn’t before. If this happens, you should call your vet to talk about your cat’s sudden drooling. So how can you tell the difference between normal cat drooling and drooling that’s a sign of a problem? Why Do Cats Drool? Read more

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