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What makes a male cat spray

Male cats, especially adult cats, tend to spray in connection with a number of things.

If your cat is a 'sprayer' it is no different to any other male cat. He needs to be handled, you need to perform a number of different grooming techniques and you will need to use cat litter appropriate for your cat.

If your cat is a 'sprayer' and you want to stop this behavior you can try some of the following techniques to help your cat:

The best way to stop the behavior is to:

Catch the cat in the act - this can mean being upstairs when the cat is making the mess, or catching the cat when he is on the run. If you catch him in the act you can remove him from the area and bring him to an area where there is no litter and no chance of removing the mess.

This is the 'catch and release' technique.

Once you have caught the cat and removed him from the area, you must allow him to go. Start by leaving him in the area he has been spaying. Once he has gone there is no reason why he will return.

Give the cat a few minutes. This may mean that you need to leave the area or that you wait until the cat is again in the area.

Once the cat has been out of the area for a few minutes you can start to clean up the mess. You may find that the cat will wait in the area that you have cleaned up.

After the cat has left the area you can start to clean up the area. This is a good idea as soon as you have removed the cat from the area. This will give your cat no reason to return.

Once the area has been cleaned you need to start to make sure that if the cat does return he will not encounter the area again. You can use cat litter and you can use a cat litter mat.

You can also use a cat litter box.

Once your cat is out of the area you can start to clean up the area, using cat litter and cat litter mats.

You can use a litter tray in the place where the cat usually uses the litter tray. You can place the litter tray in an area where he will not be able to get to the litter tray.

When you are finished cleaning the area your cat will probably not return to this particular location.

You can then start to clean the area again.

If you catch your cat in the act you can remove him from the area and take him to an area where there is no litter and no chance of removing the mess.

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