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What causes cat acne

There are many causes of cat acne. It is important to know what causes the cat to develop more severe acne.

An over accumulation of oil within the hair follicles can cause the formation of acne. This type of acne is common in overweight cats.

Environmental factors can also cause the skin to become oily. This condition is called seborrhea.

Cat acne occurs when the skin is not able to handle the build-up of fats within the hair follicles. Over time, the skin will become inflamed and develop red bumps.

Hormonal disorders

One of the main causes of cat acne is an over production of male hormones (androgens). An over production of androgens can cause a cat to develop acne. Seborrhea is another condition caused by an over production of androgens.

An under production of male hormones (androgens) can cause a cat to develop acne. This type of condition is called pseudoprecocious puberty. This condition is usually seen in kittens.

What is seborrhea?

Seborrhea is a condition that results in an over production of androgens.

A cat with seborrhea will have acne. The cat will have an over production of androgens and have oily skin.

Usually, the condition is seen in kittens. When the kittens are weaned, they will stop developing seborrhea and have oily skin.

Local infections

An over production of androgens can cause bacteria to grow in the hair follicles. This can cause an infection in the hair follicles.

The infection can cause an overproduction of oils in the skin and cause an outbreak of acne.

An over production of androgens can also cause an infection in the skin. This can cause an outbreak of acne.

How is a cat diagnosed?

If a cat has a mild case of acne, it will be diagnosed by a veterinarian.

If the cat has a more severe case of acne, a veterinarian will perform an examination of the skin. The skin will be examined for acne and for signs of seborrhea.

How is cat acne treated?

Cat acne can be treated by eliminating any androgens from the system. The cat will need to be put on a special diet to help control the over production of androgens.

If the cat has a more severe case of acne, it will be treated with prescription medications.

What is a cat with severe acne like?

A cat with severe acne will have a large number of red bumps on the skin.

The cat will be very uncomfortable and may experience some depression.

How can I keep my cat from getting acne?

It is very important to keep the cat’s diet free of any androgens.

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