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What causes cat eye discharge

Cataracts – clouding of the lens which leads to diminished vision

– clouding of the lens which leads to diminished vision Inflammation of the tear glands – often caused by eye infection

– often caused by eye infection Tumour – a growth that is benign, but can cause discharges

– a growth that is benign, but can cause discharges Infection – caused by bacteria and viruses

– caused by bacteria and viruses Disorder of the tear gland or inflammation of the eyelids

How can I reduce the risk of cat eye discharge?

Keep your pet's eyes clean and healthy

Wash your pet's eyes with a mild solution of warm water and a mild solution of pet-safe shampoo

Use a mild eye-wash solution, such as tear-free saline solution

Be prepared

Cataract surgery is not the only way to prevent cataract formation.

If you notice cataracts forming in your pet's eyes, you can take action now to help prevent them from getting worse.

Contact your vet for help with cataracts.

Pets with cataracts may need eye drops and eye ointment to help with the discomfort.

Make sure your pet is on a regular eye check up schedule.

If your pet is at risk of cataracts, you can get cataract surgery to prevent the disease.

You can learn more about cataract surgery for your pet by visiting the Pet Eye Centre website.

Can cat eye discharge affect my pet's vision?

If your pet's eyes are discharging, it can affect their vision.

The eye discharge can potentially be a sign of a more serious condition and your pet should be assessed by their vet.

If you notice any changes in your pet's vision, contact us immediately.

How can I stop my pet's eye discharge?

If your pet's eye discharge is caused by a cataract, your vet can help.

If it's caused by a cataract or a problem with the tear duct, your vet can prescribe eye drops to relieve your pet's discomfort.

If eye drops are not enough, your vet can recommend a course of eye ointment.

If the discharge is caused by an infection or inflammation of the eye, your vet can prescribe antibiotics to help.

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