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What causes cats to lose teeth

Unlike humans, who are born with all their teeth, cats are born with all their baby teeth. Most cats grow all their adult teeth in the first two years of life.

The primary teeth that all cats have in their mouths are called the "baby teeth." These teeth fall out naturally during the first few weeks of life. The second set of teeth that cats have are called the "adult teeth." Adult teeth are usually replaced by age 2.

In many cases, the adult teeth come in a set (two, three or four of them) and grow in a row. If a cat has a problem with pain or illness, it may have to have teeth pulled.

What happens to a cat's teeth after they fall out?

Because cats' teeth are not attached to their jaws, they can continue to grow while their teeth are missing. As long as a cat's mouth has a full set of teeth, it has the ability to chew and bite.

As the teeth fall out, the gums, which are attached to the teeth, remain intact. The gums continue to grow and are eventually replaced by new gums.

The gums are replaced by a layer of tissue called the gum line. The gum line is the area between the front teeth and the gums and can be seen as a distinct space in the mouth. The gum line is pink in color.

The gums, which extend from the back of the teeth to the cheeks, are the only part of the mouth that the jawbone covers.

An adult cat's teeth should fall out between ages 7 and 12 months. The cat's primary teeth fall out between 12 and 18 months. The permanent teeth usually fall out between 18 and 24 months.

How do cats lose their teeth?

You can't see your cat's teeth as they fall out. Usually, they will fall out while the cat is sleeping. The teeth will fall out in loose clumps, so your cat may not realize they've lost them.

Sometimes they will fall out while your cat is eating or playing. You may need to watch your cat carefully to make sure they don't push their teeth back into their mouth and swallow them.

How do I keep my cat from chewing on its teeth?

Cats like to chew on things. The best way to prevent your cat from chewing on its teeth is to make sure it has plenty of toys and appropriate chew toys to keep its mouth busy.

Cats can get dental disease from chewing on hard objects. Some of these objects include:

Indestructible toys



Teething toys



Other types of tooth-chewing toys can be very dangerous for cats.

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