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What causes cats to lose their fur

The most common cause of hair loss in cats is the development of alopecia, or generally a loss of hair. Alopecia is a common problem in cats, and it can be caused by many different factors, including changes in seasons, genetics, grooming, parasites and poor nutrition.

Why do some cats lose their hair?

Some cats lose their hair for no apparent reason; they may also lose their hair during times of stress, such as when they're lost or in a new environment.

What causes hair loss in some cats?

It's possible that some cats develop a genetic tendency to lose their hair.

How long do cats lose their hair?

It's impossible to say how long a particular cat will lose his or her hair. We can say that most cats lose their hair after they reach the age of two, but some may lose their hair before that.

Can you prevent hair loss?

We can't prevent hair loss, but it doesn't have to be a big problem. If you're concerned about your cat's hair loss, check his ears, tail and chest for parasites, which could be causing the problem.

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