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What causes eye infections in cats

There are many reasons why cats get eye infections, but there are also many ways to prevent them. The most common reason is called ocular surface disease (OSD). OSD is a common cause of eye infections in cats. Other causes of intraocular disease include trauma, systemic disease, and concurrent disease of the uvea.

What are the symptoms of eye infections in cats?

A cat with eye infection will often have red, bloodshot eyes. The cat may also be disoriented, having difficulty seeing, and may be eating more than usual. A cat may also have a discharge from the eye. A cat may be reluctant to open its eyes, and may have a white film over its eyes.

What are the treatments for eye infections in cats?

The goal of treatment is to prevent further damage and reduce inflammation. In cats with ocular surface disease, antibiotics and anti-inflammatory medications can be prescribed. For cases of uveitis, eye drops, eye patches, and surgery may be necessary.

What else can I do to help prevent eye infections in my cat?

Diet is important in preventing eye infections. Cats with eye infections often have a higher fat, protein, and carbohydrate diet. Your veterinarian may recommend a diet change such as switching to a grain free diet or adding a probiotic to the cat's diet.

Probiotics are beneficial bacteria that are added to the cat's diet in order to prevent and treat many different conditions. They are available in the form of tablets, capsules, or freeze-dried powder. Probiotics should be given orally at least twice a day.

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