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What causes a cats hair to fall out

Answer: There are many causes of hair loss in cats. It could be an allergic reaction, it could be a phobia. It could be a parasite. It could be a cancer. There are many possibilities and it may be a combination of several.

Frothy discharge from the eyes

Cat Health Question Date: November 15, 2008

Question: We have a five year old male cat that we have had for three years. He has been a very healthy cat from a vet's point of view, but now he is having a problem with frothy discharge from his eyes. It is not bloody, but it is an off white color.

It is right on the edge of his eyelids, and it is very, very watery. He is also having lethargy and he has had an upper respiratory infection. He has been treated for the upper respiratory infection and he is on an antibiotic now. We have him on l-methionine and l-lysine. He was also put on fish oil and l-carnitine. He eats his dry and wet food and everything is fine with him. We are going to go back to the vet on Thursday to have him checked out again. Can you tell us what is going on?

Answer: Some cats can have white residue in their eyes and it is usually caused by an allergy to something in their diet or in the environment. It could be a fur allergy or an allergy to dander. Sometimes it is just a change of season, or it could be a change in the cat's diet and the exposure to new things. If it is a seasonal thing, it will eventually pass.

If the cat is lethargic, the most likely cause is an upper respiratory infection like a cold or a virus. If the cat is not eating, you should probably take him in to have him checked out by the vet.

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How do I stop a cats hair from falling out?

Cat Health Question Date: February 25, 2009

Question: My cat is constantly shedding and it's driving me nuts. I have tried all kinds of shampoo, etc. and nothing seems to work. I have even tried the store bought stuff that is supposed to be for dogs. Nothing seems to work. I have tried the store bought stuff and it doesn't seem to do anything.

The shedding happens all over all over his body including his face, which causes him to look like a rag doll. How do I stop the shedding and get him to stop looking like a rag doll?

Answer: The first thing you should do is to stop giving him any hair medications. Most of those medications can cause more hair loss rather than stop it. The only thing I can think of is that he may have an allergy to something.

It is very difficult to treat allergies to ingredients in foods.

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