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What plants repel cats

Plants can be used to repel pests, but it is not always effective.

Herbs that repel pests include:

• basil

• cayenne

• chives

• cloves

• garlic

• lavender

• lemon balm

• marigold

• mint

• peppermint

• rosemary

• sage

• thyme

• wintergreen

• yarrow

Plants that repel insects include:

• alliums

• asters

• begonias

• ferns

• geraniums

• hostas

• ivy

• pelargoniums

• primroses

• rhododendrons

• sedums

• sunflowers

• zinnias

Are plants poisonous to cats?

Certain plants can cause sickness or death in cats if they are eaten or ingested.

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To stop a cat from using flower beds for bathroom: If it is in flower pots, put some wire around the outside of the pot or rocks on the top of the soil, anything that would make it impossible for a cat to scratch up the dirt. Read more

What you can do. Surround an area with a fence (chicken wire etc) that leans in the direction from which the cat will approach. The cat is unable to climb over such an angled fence. Flimsy plastic roll-up fencing placed on top of a fence etc to prevent cats climbing over it. Read more

If your cat craves a potted plant salad, the easiest way to deter them is to choose these cat-proof houseplants. Smelly plants: Several plants will give off a strong odor that may be music to our noses, but cats will hate and avoid. Try planting these between your other plants to keep those pesky paws away. Read more

Wet cat food is never a 100% replacement for your Ferret’s regular diet. Still, it can occasionally be fed to your pet. Summary. Ferrets can eat mealworms and insects. Insects have a variable but high concentration of taurine. Read more

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