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What do cats dream about

People often wonder if their cat dreams or not. The answer is yes and no. They can dream about whatever their cat wants to dream about. Cats can even dream about their owner, but it’s usually a half-sleeping, half-awake state.

What do dogs dream about?

Dogs dream about chasing squirrels, chasing the moon, chasing dogs, chasing their tails, chasing their bones, chasing cars and trucks, chasing birds, chasing their owners, and chasing the sun.

What do horses dream about?

Horses can dream about anything they want. They can dream about their favorite people and where they want to go.

Why do cats and dogs dream?

Cats and dogs dream because they sleep and they sleep a lot. They need to rest, and they dream to stay awake. They also dream to stay out of trouble. They dream to help their owners.

What do cats and dogs dream about?

They can dream about their owners, their favorite people and where they want to go.

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