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What does cat pee look like

They weren’t kidding when they called it cat pee! It’s a dark yellow color and looks like a small amount of mustard. When I realized it was pee, I had to remind myself that it was urine.

I’m not an expert on urine, but I know this color is the same color as pee!

It’s pretty gross, right? It was a little easier to get rid of than the previous stains because I just soaked them in a big bowl of warm water so that they would soak up the water and get softer. The bowl of warm water made it easier to scrape off the stained area.

I was so happy that it was urine! I’m always embarrassed when I have to tell people that it could have been anything else.

What does cat pee look like?

I’m ready to see what other things cats can pee on.

This is pretty gross.

Wow. That is so gross.

What does cat pee smell like?

It smells like cat pee.

It’s really stinky.

Well, that’s a bummer!

I found the most grossest bucket of cat pee.

That is the grossest bucket of cat pee I have ever seen.

Looks like he peed on a plastic bowl.

I wonder if that was his last meal.

It’s a little stinky, but it’s not horrible.

I love that it’s a little stinky because it’s just enough to not be gross, but just enough to not be delicious.

I’m sure the smell of cat pee is really gross, but it just barely smells like wet cat. Which is a good thing! It’s not so bad that I feel like I can’t live there.

It smells kind of like wet cat, but not as much.

It’s not bad, but it’s not pleasant.

I’m not sure if I can live there.

It’s not as bad as I thought.

I think it’s just a little stinky.

It’s not bad at all.

It’s a little stinky.

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