All about cats

What does it mean when a cat headbutts you

The cat is warning you not to pet him.

How do you know when cats drink too much water? They lap it up from the floor.

Why do old cats always land on their feet? They have nine lives.

What do you call a cat that doesn't like water? A dry cat.

Why do cats bark a lot? Because they're not very good hunters.

Why do cats purr? To show their appreciation for the life you've given them.

Why do cats lick their paws? They're trying to lick away the fleas.

What's a cat's favorite food? Can.

Why do cats rub against trees? It feels good.

What time of day do cats sleep the most? When they're tired.

Why do cats love to eat mice? Mice are nice and soft.

What do you get if you cross a cat with a laser? A cat that's confused.

Why do cats leave little paw prints on your door? They're trying to tell you that they're here.

Why do cats have nine lives? One to live, eight to die.

Why do cats have nine lives? Because they're not really that good.

Why do cats sit on the windowsills? They like to watch the world go by.

What do you call a cat that's been to hell and back? A cat who's seen it all.

What is a cat's favorite type of ice cream? Feline.

Why do cats have to eat cat food? Because they're still not that good.

Why do cats like to lie in the sun? Because it feels good.

What does a cat say when it sees a mouse? A mouse, a mouse!

How do you know when a cat has had enough tuna? When it eats the rest of the can.

Why do cats love the smell of garbage? Because it used to be food.

Why does a cat's left ear always listen to what a cat is thinking? Because it has a left brain.

Why do cats need nine lives? Because they're not that good.

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