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What age are pete the cat books for

Pete the Cat is for children aged 3 years and up.

Pete the Cat books have been around for years. Why was he created?

Pete was created as an early childhood book.

Why is he now being rebooted?

He's being rebooted because he's still around and popular with children.

Will there be new Pete the Cat books?

Yes, there will be new Pete the Cat books.

I read the original Pete the Cat books when I was a kid. Are they still good?

Yes, they are still good.

Why are they changing Pete's look?

They are changing Pete's look to make him look more modern and up to date.

Will Pete's look stay the same?

Yes, Pete's look will stay the same.

What's the new Pete the Cat book about?

Pete the Cat: My Best Friend is a story about Pete going to his friend Lipps to ask him how he gets his friends to like him.

What's Pete's new look like?

He's now a Cat.

Will Pete be in all the new Pete the Cat books?

Yes, he'll be in all the Pete the Cat books.

Will Pete still hang out in the alley?

Yes, Pete will still hang out in the alley.

My kid loves Pete the Cat. Will he be as popular?

Pete the Cat is already very popular but he will be even more popular with the new look.

Will Pete be has the same habits?

Pete will be has the same habits, just with a new look.


Will Pete still be the same?

Why are they making new Pete the Cat books?

They are making new Pete the Cat books because he's still a really popular children's book character.

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