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What happened to freddie mercury's cats after his death

well these are a few of them i found on the internet there are more but i didnt see them on the net... i know there are some that r not here and i will be looking for them and add them if i can find them...


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obviously hurting or killing a human being is significantly morally worse than killing a cat (who has no capacity to understand its own mortality, has no plans or goals for the future, etc etc)… you all are a bunch of whiny hypocrites. Read more

Of course we all do but otters in particular sleep in a unique way. The furry critters hold each others hands to stop them from drifting apart while in their deep slumber. Otter families are known to do this technique – called “raft” – to secure the bond and to prevent family members from becoming displaced. Read more

In cats, approximately 45% of uroliths consist entirely or predominantly of struvite, and most feline struvite uroliths form in sterile urine (Figure 1).1 The pathophysiology of struvite urolith formation in sterile urine is poorly understood; however, dietary and metabolic factors that result in alkaline urine and increased... Read more

For more than 25 years, Munchkin has been a trusted brand that retailers and parents have depended on with confidence, and we work hard to maintain that trust. Read more

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