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What happens when cat dies

If you have an extra cat, you may have a problem. You will have to surrender the cat to the shelter. The shelter will have to put the cat to sleep and then the cat will be buried.

Where do I get more cats?

You can get by with one cat, but after a while you will need more. You can buy them as kittens, or you can adopt a cat, but that is going to cost you money. You can also get them from the shelter, or you can ask your neighbors if they have a cat they want to give you.

How do I feed cats?

Cats don't eat a lot, but they eat all the time. You will need to keep food in a bowl beside the cat. Most cats prefer dry food, but if you want to give them wet food, it is fine. You can give them canned food or some dry food that is just the right size for them.

What should I feed my cat?

You can give them anything you like to eat, but don't give them everything in the house. It is better to give them something you know they like.

How do I care for cats?

Cats are very clean animals. If you have a cat, you will need to keep their water fresh and clean. You will also need to look after their litter box. If the cat gets sick, you will need to take them to the vet immediately.

How do I keep the cat from getting into the garbage?

Cats don't like to eat garbage. If they get into it they will be sick, so you need to keep the garbage can locked. You can also put something to stop them from getting into the garbage.

What do I do when my cat sneezes?

When your cat sneezes, they will want to clean their nose. You need to be sure that they don't sneeze on anything. That will make them sick. You can also take a rag and rub their nose.

What do I do when my cat cries?

When your cat cries, they will want to be picked up. If you pick them up they will feel better. You can also give them a toy to play with.

Can cats be mean?

Cats are not mean animals. They are not going to attack you like a dog would. They are pretty good animals. They don't want to hurt you, but they do want to be fed.

How do I train my cat?

You can train your cat to do a lot of things. You can teach them to use a litterbox or to sit on command. They can also learn to sit or walk on a leash.

How do I know if my cat is sick?

You need to be careful when you have a sick cat.

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