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What home remedy can i give my cat for pain

I have a 3 year old male cat that has been having a lot of pain lately. He is limping, his leg is swollen and has a large bulge. He has been to the vet for x-rays, bloodwork and daily treatment of pain. They have prescribed him pain killer pills, antibiotics and pain killer injections. I was looking at some home remedies and one that I found is to just soak him in a hot bath. He is a very fussy cat and will not go in the bathtub by himself. I would like to know if this is safe before I do it.

Is it safe to give my cat pain medication?

I'm a vet tech and I am going to be giving my cat an injection for pain. She has a tumor and there is no surgery available. Is it safe to give her pain medication? Do I have to wait for her to get over the side effects of the injection before it's safe to give her the pain medication. I know it is safe to have an animal under my care give me medication.

Is it safe to give pain medicine to a cat?

I have a cat with a large lump near his eye. The vet gave him some pain killer and it didn't help. How long does it take for the pain killer to take affect?

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Your cat can easily catch tapeworms but from my own experience you don't need to panic because you can heal it easily. First you need to recognize signs of tapeworms in cats. Some cats may bite or lick their anal area or maybe they can scoot their hindquarters along the floor. Their fur may also take a poor appearance. But look, if the infection is worse than usual, you can notice that in case the cat start to lose weight rapidly. Now when we know the causes I need to tell you that tapeworms generally are not harmful for your cat. But you need to determine what is the cause of it. Read more

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