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What indoor plants are safe for cats

Indoor plants that are toxic to cats include the following:

African Violet

Crate Vine

English Ivy




Japanese Maple








Snake Plant

Spider Plant

Zebra Plant

How much sunlight do indoor plants need?

When choosing indoor plants, pay attention to light. The amount of sun your indoor plants require depends on the type of plant you choose, as well as its location. There are also indoor plants that are able to withstand low levels of light, like the smaller varieties of ferns.

Here are some things to consider when choosing indoor plants for your home:

1. Shady plants

In general, plants with a lot of foliage, like succulents, need a lot of sunlight. These are plants that are well suited for sunny spots in your home, such as your window sill.

2. Low light plants

Plants with little foliage, such as small ferns, like the Siberian or Chinese, thrive in low light conditions. You can place these plants around the base of your ceiling fans.

3. Plants that require the right amount of sunlight

In general, plants like Chinese evergreen will grow in low light conditions. However, you can also find plants that are able to tolerate low light conditions, like the golden pothos.

4. Plants that require bright light

Some plants, like ferns, can tolerate bright sunlight. Other plants, like the begonia or aloe, need bright light conditions.

5. A combination of all of the above

The combinations of sunlight and indoor plants can help you find the perfect indoor plants for your home. For example, the Boston fern does best in low light conditions, but it also does well in bright light conditions.

6. Some plants, such as the spider plant, are good for a home office. Others, like the fern, are better for an office that is located in a sunny room.

How to Care for Indoor Plants

The type of indoor plant you choose for your home is important. Not only will the type of plant you choose determine the look of your home, but the care of the plant is also important.

When it comes to indoor plants, here are some key things to remember.

1. Water regularly

Your indoor plants need water regularly. This is something you should do regardless of the type of plant you choose. You can check on the needs of your plants by feeling the soil. If the soil feels dry or compact, water it.

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