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What if my cat misses a dose of methimazole

If your cat misses a dose of methimazole, contact your veterinarian. There is no need to restart the medication.

What if my cat eats methimazole?

If you believe your cat has eaten methimazole, contact your veterinarian.

What if my cat has an overdose of methimazole?

If your cat has overdosed on methimazole, contact your veterinarian.

What if I miss a dose of methimazole?

Contact your veterinarian if you miss a dose of methimazole.

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The side effects are not seen if any because if the exist they are better than this incredible terrifying experience of hyperthyroid episodes that were haunting, and devistated my life in many areas. Am drinking fluids, one of my side effects of the hyperthyroid was not being able to eat or hold down food, but very Read more

The three-finger salute first appeared in The Hunger Games when members of District 12 used it to say goodbye to Katniss, but its meaning expanded over time. After its first use, the salute came to represent resistance from the Capitol, and later became a symbol of the pro-democracy rebellion led by Katniss. Read more

A kennel cough in cats is a respiratory infection in cats caused by the microorganism known as bordetella bronchiseptica which is also more common in dogs rather than cats. A cough is contagious and thus it spreads from one animal to the other. Some of the symptoms related to a kennel cough are fever, runny nose, persistent coughing, loss of appetite, and fever. Read more

The caracal is a medium sized cat which it spread in West Asia, South Asia, and Africa. The word Caracal is from Turkey “Karakulak” which means “Black Ears”. Read more

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