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Wolf cats are a unique mutation in large domestic cats. They are also known as "coyote" cats because they have an appearance similar to that of a coyote. Wolf cats look like large rescue cats, often with a pink to orange coat and long black hair. However, they are not a purebred cat. They are a hybrid of a domestic cat and a coyote.

The domestic cat is the most common species of the Felidae family, which includes lions and tigers. The domestic cat also has a close relative in the wild -- the coyote. This can help explain why wolf cats look so much like a coyote.

What causes wolf cats to be different?

Wolf cats are a mutant form of the domestic cat. Newborn wolf cats have the same type of fur that domestic cats have. DNA testing can confirm the cat's species.

What are the health risks of wolf cats?

Wolf cats are not a true hybrid. They are the result of a kitten being born with a genetic mutation. This mutation is not harmful and does not affect the cat. However, it is not a known genetic mutation. The mutation may be new, or it may be common in the wild and rare in the domestic cat.

Wolf cats may have a slight genetic mutation. This might affect the cat's coat color, eye color, or coat texture. A third of wolf cats may have a different coat texture or pattern, compared to other cats.

What do wolf cats eat?

The cat's diet is important for it to be healthy. Wolf cats usually eat the same type of food as other domestic cats. However, the cat's genetics may play a role in what it eats. Wolf cats may need special food, due to their diet.

What is the lifespan of a wolf cat?

The average lifespan of a wolf cat is about the same as that of a domestic cat. Wolf cats can live for about 12 years.

Can a wolf cat be neutered or spayed?

Yes. Wolf cats can be neutered or spayed.

Is a wolf cat an indoor cat?

No. Wolf cats are not a purebred. They are a domestic hybrid. They are not considered to be an indoor cat, so they can not be kept indoors. Wolf cats are a feral animal. They are not domesticated.

Can a wolf cat live on its own outdoors?

No. The animal cannot survive outside. It must be kept indoors.

Is a wolf cat a good pet?

No. Because wolf cats are not purebred and because they are a hybrid, they are not a good pet.

Is a wolf cat dangerous?

No. Wolf cats are not dangerous. They are a hybrid of a domestic cat and a coyote, but they are not dangerous.

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