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What can i give my cat to sedate him

I have a very scared cat that has been abused and has mange. He doesn't want to run and hide or get out of the way. If he's in the room I have to scoot him out of the way, or he will not leave the room. He will sit and look at me, but he won't move. I tried a very tiny amount of Benadryl, but he wouldn't even eat. I have tried some Lysine, but that didn't work either. I finally gave him a little bit of Benadryl, with the idea that he would be sleepy, but he was still very scared and wouldn't leave the room. I gave him one pill, and then he wouldn't leave the room. I tried to give him two pills and he still wouldn't leave the room. I finally realized that he just doesn't want to move. He is very scared of EVERYTHING! I am not able to leave him at home, because he will not eat. I can't even keep him in the basement, because he won't leave the room. I am at my wits end. What can I give my cat to sedate him? He is a rescue cat, so he doesn't have a name, so I don't know what to call him.

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