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What does it mean when a cat sneezes a lot

Cats are often thought to sneeze more than other animals, but this can be due to the way they sneeze. Cats usually sneeze from their mouths, so when they sneeze, it's more likely to be a small "puff" than a large, forceful sneeze. This usually happens if their mouth is full of something to sneeze, such as a cat toy or a piece of old food.

My cat is sneezing a lot and has a runny nose. Is this normal?

Yes, and it's not necessarily a bad thing. Sneezing is a normal response to allergens and irritants in the air, such as pollen and dust. Sneezing is a reflex and helps the cat clear their nasal passages.

Are allergies common in cats?

Yes, and they're not always easy to diagnose. Cats can have allergic reactions to a wide variety of substances, including pollen, food, fleas, drugs, and even plants. Symptoms of allergies can include sneezing, runny nose, itchy skin, and/or red, irritated eyes. Ask your veterinarian about the best course of treatment for your cat's symptoms, and keep your cat's environment as clean as possible to help prevent allergic reactions.

My cat has a runny nose. Is this a sign of allergies?

Yes. Because cats don't produce a lot of nasal mucus, it's important to keep their nasal passages clear so that they can breathe easily. Runny noses are common in cats, but may be caused by a variety of things, including allergies, infections, or a variety of breathing problems.


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Why is my cat sneezing? Cats can sneeze due to allergies, dust, and most commonly due to viral upper respiratory infections. If your cat sneezes once in a while there is probably no need to worry. If your cat sneezes over and over it could be due to any of these causes. If the sneezing is accompanied by coughing, watery eyes, eye discharge, itching ears Read more

The most common causes of allergic sneezing among cats are pollen, human perfume, and cigarette smoke. If you live in the south and your cat seems to have incessant sneezing during the summer, pollens might be the one to blame. Take note that a cat can also become allergic to a specific litter ingredient. Read more

If your cat sneezes occasionally and otherwise seems healthy, then you probably have nothing to worry about. Make sure you bring your cat to the vet for a yearly physical, or as recommended by your vet. Your vet may be able to determine if there is an underlying health issue before it gets out of control. Read more

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