All about cats

What does it mean when cat sits on your lap

It means they want to be petted.

Why was the cat so hungry?

It was hungry because it didn’t eat for three days.

What are the cat’s eyes called?

Its eyes are called cat’s eyes.

What does the cat say when it mews?

It says mew for food.

What does an animal say when it sees a cat?

An animal says mew.

What does a cat say when it sees another cat?

A cat says meow.

What does a cat say when it wants to be let in?

What does the cat say when it wants to be let in?

It says mew.

Why did we get a cat?

We got a cat because we are lonely.

What do you get if you cross a cat with a motorbike?

It makes a motorbike with a cat.

Why did the cat fall in the river?

It fell on the river because it was so hungry.

Where did the cat come from?

The cat came from the zoo.

What does the cat do in the morning?

The cat does away in the morning.

Why doesn’t the cat like the new house?

It doesn’t like the new house because it is so small.

Why did the cat run into the room?

It ran into the room because it saw the dog.

Why did the cat run away from the dog?

It ran away from the dog because it was afraid.

What does the cat say when it sees the dog?

The cat says mew.

Why does the cat like the new house?

The cat likes the new house because it is so big.

It says meow.

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