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What cat breed are you

I am a cat (no, not a male cat), I am an American Curl. I was born in the early 60's.

What is your favorite toy?

I have many toys, but I am partial to the mouse-type cat toys that can be turned upside down and spun around, on which I like to play with my brothers, my sisters, and the little children.

Do you have a favorite game or sport?

I really enjoy playing with my siblings, my mom, my sisters, and my children.

What do you like best about being a pet?

I like to snuggle up with my mom.

What is your most memorable experience as a pet?

I remember when I was a kitten, my mom would not let me play with the other kittens. I was very sad. One day, my brother and I were playing with the kittens, and my mother caught us. Then, my mom came over to play with us. I was very happy that she played with us, and I felt a lot of love.

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