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What is a cat cafe like

A cat cafe is a place where people can come to experience the joy of raising kitties, and where cats can experience the joy of human affection.

How much does it cost?

There is no cost for visiting our cat cafe, but a donation to the cats is always appreciated.

How does it work?

Cat cafes are like regular cafes, except that the cats are kept in a special area called the "cat room."

Cats can be brought in to visit with their humans, and people can enjoy the company of the cats while they relax and watch the cats on monitors.

What types of cats are there?

We have cats that are all kinds of ages! We have kittens, cats that are ready to be adopted, cats that are only available to be adopted, and cats that are old enough that they no longer need to be adopted.

How much time do the cats spend with their humans?

The cats are allowed to spend as much time with their humans as they like, as long as the humans are able to remain calm and patient.

What about the cats?

All of the cats in the cat room are up for adoption. They are (mostly) healthy and friendly. Some are definitely more shy than others, however.

Are the cats free to roam the cafe?

Cats are free to roam the cat room, but should be underfoot at all times. This is to keep them safe and to prevent them from trying to escape their humans.

Are the cats free to interact with customers?

Cats can interact with customers as much as they like as long as they are never in danger of being hurt or frightened.

Is there music in the cat room?

There are no music options in the cat room, but there is public music available in the cafe area.

What happens if I want to adopt a cat?

If you want to adopt a cat in the cat room, you will need to fill out an adoption application, which will go to the cats' owners. Once the cats' owners are notified that you want to adopt, they can decide whether or not to allow you to adopt their cat.

If the cat is not adopted after a certain amount of time (which varies with each cat), then the cat is available for adoption.

What happens if I want to adopt an older cat?

If you want to adopt an older cat, you will need to fill out an adoption application that will go to their owners. Once the cats' owners are notified that you want to adopt, they can decide whether or not to allow you to adopt their cat.

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